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From omnium gatherum through rebirth into werewolves to the divine creatures

March 02, 2016

A lot of stuff can be heard in music: melodic and delight the ear passages, powerful and rhythmic pieces, which raises from the knees and rush into battles. It seems incompatible, or not?. Are you sure?! But there's the band that reconcile all these things and add own features
They called Omnium Gatherum released similar album - Omnium Gatherum - Grey Heavens.
Their music contains the power and strength, which does not overlap the melody, but only supports it. The album - a road with its stops for rest, inns, bridges and many other things.
The Pit changeable and fast in the beginning, next march by Skyline march, continues exalted and space Frontiers. The path is not over - it is way station for the rest from the battle, while relaxing listening ballad - Majesty and Silence. Rejuvenate - go ahead! After recuperation got to the Foundation - monolithic, durable and solid. All of the following songs have a common feature - melodic keyboards or strings prelude. Powerfull mid-tempo The Great Liberation, march Ophidian Sunrise, title ballad These Grey Heavens and sounds like the anthem Storm Front. As a conclusion - mighty death metal can be very melodic.

But if ordinary people bitten by a werewolf - who they after that? What feeling and senses? Lycanthropy!
Or in another land - Licantropia.
Mythical and unpredictability of this album is provided and enhanced by several features. I never heard melodic death in Spanish. And album begins with vocals more typical for black metal. But that's just surprised me features.
There is also intersects a lot of styles - groove, melodic death, thrash, doom death - Licantropia - Inconsciente Mente.
And after listening to this record, you can feel the way of life, feelings and thoughts of the werewolfs. Just do not let them bite and scratch you.

From Heaven to the Earth? But if - in reverse order?Divinity!. The release about the fate of mankind and the ways to achieve immortality and comprehensiveness of the person - Divinity - The Immortalist, Pt. 2: Momentum .
There's fabulous Manhunt in the beginning, which draws humanity and the gods in PsyWar.
That intoxicating humanity and leads the thoughts in the distance from the Earth, inhabited spaces and easily understandable values.
D.M.I. - broken rhythms, clean dreamy vocals - it is interrupted by hysterical bridges with a powerful growl.
Started should be finished. Momentum - the last song illustrates the results of the events described in the album and their outcome.