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Feed the wolves - fear for your family!

February 24, 2016

Perhaps you feels like the primary source of nature. That isn't true!
Maybe you think that all of your ancestors was humans. Are you sure?! You can't clean this stuff no way.
There just ages ago was diferrent sites of this point - you can use one or another: go to south with someone or to north with else. That's your choice!
Band named Wolfhorde take the way out!
Compositions combine the undying melodies of folk tunes and rampant power of rock and metal. There's the different sounds - a lot of bagpipes, a lot of guitars. Wolves seekin' their fate, they are!
You can listen to their album Wolfhorde - Towards The Gate Of North .
Wolves go to north. Are You goin' with them?

Think wolves just surface beasts, walk on a ground, among the beasts like them and trees? Maybe that's it! Are You sure? History can't be the same for all - just listen to the one way.
It begins with rain and bagpipe songs underneath it. The rain does not cease the earth awakens - and with the bagpipes!
Earth, rain. bagpipes, guitars - a lot of sounds from your speakers, they are.
You have to choose your way to listen or hide away - that's your choice!
Check it here - Steignyr - The Prophecy Of The Highlands.
Wolf trails pass through different musical styles - melodic strings and a gentle female voice replaced growling male vocals, reinforced by powerfull accompaniment. And the story ends at the grave of heroes.