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Ashes stores memories, Myrath - Legacy knows more

March 06, 2016
Ashes stores memories, Myrath - Legacy knows more

The tale begins with the instrumental composition, which contains the melody, that go through canvas of the album like leitmotif, leaving no apathy or indifference. Oriental tunes and melodies begin their advance - to reveal Myrath - Legacy

Continues this piece of art composition Believer, tells the story that who believes and what they believe. The leitmotif is not hidden, only reveals a bouquet of colors and combinations.
Then the sound is condensed close to techno-thrash - not yet entering vocals, pulling his party slowly and thoughtfully. The leitmotif is not hidden, only reveals a bouquet of colors and combinations. But - after strength and power drags the voice followed a stream of accompaniment.
Get Your Freedom Back - requires the song towards the end of which the instrumental parts are attracted by the jazz.
Well - if you will not return your freedom, no life for any kind: ballad colors music darker then black - their symphonic sounds appeals to all depths of the thoughts and aspirations of the mind. Otherwise - Nobody's Lives!
Following the sad symphonic ballad is a tight rhythm of The Needle, beginning of which again blows into a mighty pitch of techno trash. But - violent entry ceases on the vocal intro, which gradually reaches a furious accompaniment.
Needles penetrate the space, leaving it for the subsequent development of symphonic Through Your Eyes.
Start of the composition alludes to a ballad, but mid-tempo entry continues in its entirety.
Passed sight of unburned but will midtempo dense, but, at the same time, the party continues symphonic The Unburnt.
The only ones aspirations are driven the hero of the story? The ballad I Want to Die reveals a slightly different part of it - that monstrous madness pushes to death, to present all the different - you need to look at everything from the other side. Melody does not accelerate its flow - continued recognition of faults, ashes in the sand does not allow to be released. Colorful composition Duat tells a lot about the desire to free themselves from all around, and all around - from themselves! But the memory of sand and dust on them keeps memories Ages. And even in the silence they keep their mysteries, secrets and chronicles - so - Endure the Silence!
Not only silence keeps the memory of the past and expectations for the future, Storm of Lies is coming and moving the shackles of silence obliged to resist their pressure.
Those who will endure torment omniscient silence and the storm able to lie - is finally possible to achieve a look to the other side of life, its essence and everything that surrounds them.
Other Side, sung by a combination of oriental motifs and solid rhythmic guitars show - as it there, on the other side, and all perceived then - from the other side!