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From hell ninja rush into space

June 22, 2020
Victorius (DEU) - Space Ninjas From Hell (Japanese Edition)

After the mesmerizing melody of the intro's guitar solo, the Tale of the Sunbladers continues with an incredibly fast-paced race of musical variations, entering with thoughts of vocals, then weaving the vocal part with a musical stream in unbridled swiftness. The Ninjas Unite continues the Victorius (DEU) - Space Ninjas From Hell (Japanese Edition) album with an intriguing intro guitar solo, continuing with a furious musical thriller, entwining the drive with whirlwinds of symphonic artistry. Slightly restraining the pace of musical drive Super Sonic Samurai brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
Entering by vocals severity Evil Wizard WuShu Master then combines drive, melody and symphonic charm into a single musical narrative. The Nippon Knights complements the musical sound with a great influence of Japanese motifs, embodying it in both music and vocals. Combining medium-tempo reflections of verses with a swift assault on choruses Shuriken Showdown weaves a lace of musical composition from similar contrasts. The vocal dialogue sets the playful mood of Wasabi Warmachine song, continuing with the fierce whirlwind of a musical thriller crowned with the majestic echoes of the symphony.
Inspiration of a vocal phrase begins the sounding of Wrath of the Dragongod composition, further combining hit melody with vocal significance. Weaving lace of bewitching symphony Astral Assassin Shark Attack precedes the introduction of vocals by a swift drive. The Space Ninjas From Hell title composition combines the charm of oriental style with a harsh assault of metal swiftness. The Cosmic Space Commando Base brings the vocal part to the dominant position of the mid-tempo anthem. The music of Shinobi Strike 3000 track consists of a vocal monologue that tells the tale of space battles. The Dark Side Of The Sun (Bonus track) completes this album with a duet of male and female vocals.