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You do not always see what is actually

June 21, 2020
Kansas - The Absence Of Presence

The symphonic charm of orchestral artistry sets the sublime mood of the musical narrative of the introduction of the title track of the Kansas - The Absence Of Presence album, then the vocals complement this musical charm with thoughts of fates and their changes. After a brief intrigue of the introduction, the Throwing Mountains embodies the round dance of the main motive, entwining it and the vocal narrative with sparkling ribbons of keyboard variations and a transformed musical revelation.
Keyboard intro's variations captivates with the piano solo, then the Jets Overhead music combines a restrained drive with a symphony of musical variations, creating an enchanting atmosphere of unity of musical contrasts. The bass guitar is intertwined in a dance with keyboard artistry, then the tunes of the organ crown the musical image, pulsating with a rhythmic heartbeat and accelerating the tempo of the sound of the Propulsion 1 instrumental composition. The Memories Down The Line continues to sound with thoughts of vocals, interwoven in the enchanting dance of soft and tender ballads with musical thoughts.
The Circus Of Illusion introduction, captivating with symphonic thoughtfulness, brings an atmosphere of doubt, complementing the main motive and vocal reflections with the pulsation of guitar doubts. After a whirlwind of symphonic intro, the Animals On The Roof vocals come to the fore, balancing on the broken essence of the artistic progress of rhythmic fractures.
Inspired by symphonic charm, the Never ballad marches through a leisurely procession, complementing musical majesty with the charm of keyboard laces and the atmosphere of native places. The vocal narrative of The Song The River Sang album’s final song is intertwined in dance with musical variations, marching in a progressively broken rhythm and ending with soft and gentle ballad variations with a hint of blues.