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Flames have their feelings

July 16, 2020
Voidian - Through Eyes Of The Flame

The painful musical twilight of the Ritual Fire composition slowly and unhurriedly march in confident significance, complementing the harsh musical procession with emotional appeals of the vocals and thoughtfully sifting through the variability of the development of the musical essence with guitar solos of instrumental fragments, starting the Voidian - Through Eyes Of The Flame album with the gloomy solemnity of musical significance.
The Nameless Night musical passages bring muted echoes of ballad romanticism, vocal phrases gloomily and with concentration complement musical romanticism with sensual experiences, sometimes exasperating the vocal part to growling. The muted mystery of the Long Road Home musical sound is intertwined with the vagueness of the vocal whisper, then thickening the musical sound and accentuating the viscous vortices of guitar solos with denser rhythmic elements.
Fierce sounding with a deep and harsh drive City Of Dread complements this musical style with severe growling, but then in the instrumental part dispels the musical darkness and weaves brooding phrases of clean vocals in a dreamy waltz with musical romanticism, combining these elements in a mesmerizing ballad. Weaving an incredible variety of stylistic solutions into the sound of the The Murderous Sea saga, the album ends as if a separate musical artwork, complementing its musical framework with a more severe, but unhurried pace of dense and severe drive, crowned with phrases of deep growling.