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Stone and fossils have feelings and opinions

July 17, 2020
Wren (GBR) - Groundswells

Gloomy musical viscousness builds up waves of viscous twilight, then complementing the Chromed peals of musical density with emotional vocal waves, as if bursting out of solid rock. The vocals then escalate into a restrained growling, enveloped in sparkling notes of harsh melody. The beginning of the Wren (GBR) - Groundswells album calls for leisurely reflections and attentive listening to further musical decisions.
Taking the guitar passages to the top of the musical image in pulsating rhythmic waves of a slow march, the Seek The Unkindred then combines them with the emotional appeal of vocal phrases. So mesmerizing melody of the Murmur song brings romantic shades of musical artistry to the musical sound, but the vocals remain in the same angry despair, complementing their mood with the gloomy grandeur of instrumental bridges. The alarming mystery of musical pulsations elevates the emotional despair of vocal phrases to the top of the Crossed Out Species musical image, sometimes complementing the vocal part with background singing and hardening it to demonic growling.
The muted romance of the Subterranean Messiah introduction long and unhurriedly envelops the atmosphere of unhurried meditation, then complementing its sound with inspired screaming passages and symphonic influence and soft vocal phrases of the singing lady, enchanting with gentle artistry, entwined with sad melodies of a majestic symphony. But then the bitterness of the male vocals brings elements of harsh drive to the ballad. The Throes completes the album by preparing the vocal intro for a long time, then enveloping the vocal phrases with covers of dark anthem.