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Corporeal essence sometimes burdens mind

July 15, 2020
Circle of Sighs - Salo

The symphonic sacrament is combined with saddened vocal reflections, complementing the atmosphere of sound of the Burden Of The Flesh song with the twilight veils of musical haze. The Segue-01 honoring of Satan by a chorus of masculine and feminine vocalists continues the Circle of Sighs - Salo album, culminating in the Hold Me, Lucifer pulsating march crowned with inspired vocal reflections wrapped in sparkling ribbons of keyboard artistry.
Pensive solemnity builds artistic lace of the Kukeri mesmerizing saga, slowly wrapping the mystical veils inspired by vocal proclamations with a mysterious symphony, complemented by the background reflections of keyboard reflections. Feminine vocals complement the sound with emotional sensibility. The singing lady comes to the fore in narrative of the Desolate ballad, enveloped in the significance and grandeur of the musical passages.
The mysterious instrumental mystery of Segue-02 track seems to begin the next section of the album, continuing with the sublime melody of the sophisticated The Man Machine ballad, slowly marching and complementing the musical sound of the verse with a muffled vocal whisper. But then Unicorn Magic / Segue-03 raises to the top of the sound, exhibiting the influence of symphony and futuristic electronic impulses, artistic variations of vocal emotions, progressively breaking the rhythmic structure in unexpected. The ending of the composition is the distorted speech of the announcer, opening the gates of the final section of the album, which is the synthetic electronic pulsations of the Salo title track, mysteriously and unclearly confusing the meaning of the lyrics.