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Low level awareness is so mysterious

April 04, 2020
Beehoover - Low Performer

Braided by the progressive chime of musical passages, the thoughtfulness of vocal phrases Goreplay calls for a hardening of the vocal part, but then returns to the obscure mystery of artistic variations. Then the vocal brings into the musical composition the trends of a thoughtful narrative, braided by vortices of a guitar solo. Weisenheimer Blues continues the Beehoover - Low Performer album with a thoughtful symphony, complementing the psychedelic musical sacrament with the fierce tunes of vocal anger. But the music returns to leisurely thoughtfulness, complemented by an obscure vocal whisper.
The majestic anthem of the Army of Good Evil composition pumps waves of significance, captivating with an inspired narrative of the musical epic. The vocal part sometimes complements the significance with bitterness, but concludes the anger and rage with a thoughtful narrative. The thoughtful mysteries of musical mystery are intertwined with vocal transformations in the obscure dusk of the Fisherman song, giving the album even more mysterious forebodings.
The obscure twilight mystery of the introduction captivates with intriguing expectations, then developing into a progressive musical lace that preserves the mid-tempo pulsation of rhythmic sighs that recede some distance before the emotional melodies of the title track's Low Performer vocal part. The main motive of the final composition of the album Hell Is Paradise envelops the listener and the vocal part with insurmountable bundles of musical passages, giving intriguing mystery to musical motives.