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Fighting with own doubts can take all your life!

February 06, 2017
Operation: Mindcrime - Resurrection

Dying is possible differently - as well Operation: Mindcrime - Resurrection could vary significantly from predictable events !
The title track Resurrection opens the mysterious sacraments unusual yelps and pulsation, creating intrigue and whisper abrupt phrases. Continues to the fascinating discoveries of exciting with instrumental composition When All Falls Away, enveloping with various melodic passages and covering by the veil of supernatural mysteries, brief and calm confession A Moment In Time completes with melodic passages pain its acceptance. Through The Noize introdusing to represents very beautiful and inspiring song Left For Dead, thrilling and exciting motif which breaks the resistance of consciousness that is afraid to examine these charming borders. But do not tolerate denials - somwhere in America, again and again!
Changeable melody pierced with leitmotifs of careful and sensitive tape, that presents keyboards motifs, that arrives to us from afar,Miles Away! Mercurial disputes of vocal phrases completes this remote impact.
Mysterious whispers starts to Healing My Wounds, changing dreamy speech in support of the following rhythmic accompaniment, wrapped shawls ghostly beautiful melodies in romantical manner bring to saxophone solo - and ending after it in the same style. The Fight continues ballad style, making it even more lyrical and melancholic.
Rhythmically incarnating sharpness and hardness, Taking On The World toughly adds powerful driving but so melodical element after the lyrical part.
Combining oriental motifs and desert winds Invincible carries its charming tunes and words toward vortices of fates and gusts of changes.
Wonderful folk motifs begins A Smear Campaign awaiting the instrumental supplement with powerful support of rhythmic bursts, that gains a lot of tough drive with melodical chants and saxophone passages over their upstoppable pace!
Viscous brooding melodies soar among thick steam ghostly doubt arising, and condenses into an important question - Which Side You're On, response to that is so important in this dense and tough atmosphere!
Viscous, hard riffs shudders their environment by powerful casts Into The Hands Of The World, but the reality and stand strong in the everyday life of its ideas, motives as slippery snakes writhes in tricky extravaganzas, but these mysterious dances only thickens the surrounding mystery.
Inspired by the charming main motive Live From My Machine surrounding with virtuoso lace tunes vocal phrases distorted by lifelessness around -so the album ends.