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How ordinary RIP may become exciting and deep

February 07, 2017
Threatpoint - R.I.P.

Each will receive corresponding Threatpoint - R.I.P. at the end of the path, however much varied can become the path that you are destined to pass !
The title track R.I.P. starts the album with mysterious, intriguing sounds of its intro, which is creating a mystical mysterious atmosphere - so will be dispersed with unyielding, obstinate, violent stunning drive!
Viscous, thick riffs surrounds with misty eddies and grinding gears while Deadend Machineland around. Chorus contributes a bit of melody to harsh lifeless gnashing, but machinery does not retreat anyway.
It starts with soft guitar fingering that makes a note of tragedy, empathy and sympathy - in fact powerful, catchy and captivating guitar riffs praises that the future will set up Tombstones of My Enemies for all of that ones! Mercurial expectations continue not to give way to optimistic forecasts, occupying the mind with anxiety and apprehension. Although Thy Will Be Done anyway - the repetition of this phrase rhythmically and confidently completes the composition!
Ancient legends notes and dusty antique attach rustling in the intro of Light Bleeds Through the Black, pursuing spirit of old times through the whole composition, strength and fury soar over it during the choruses.
Strange speech in Polish begins Bury the Wicked, superimposing a gloomy oppressive atmosphere and inspiration to resist these terrible phenomena. That demands Laugh Now... Cry Later so strongly and persistent, herefore coordinating the efforts and concentrates abilities, in a powerful drive embodying their opposition to the impending eeriness.
Clearly, rhythmically and metaphorically gloomy growl recreates the atmosphere of the oppressed Writings on the Wall, carrying black flag through the haze of the verse. But the chorus melodic motif inspires hope, singing becomes bright shades. But the verse again returns to the ordinary concerns.
Fierce blows hard and powerfully starts One in the Chamber, One in the Chest then the story gets shades of ancient times and old tales - in an exciting mix of ancient and modern, romantic lyrics and groovy drive passes this song.
Reflections do not leave the mind, certainly demanding to Face Your Fear creating a viscous and sticky atmosphere of resistance to their own drawbacks.
Stackable saturation of rhythm section presents in Angels with Broken Wings (feat. Lauren Balogh), adding to the density and tenacity to drumms, gentle guitar motif brings a melodic touch to the combination of a sharp male harsh and growling with female emotional clean and nervous screaming vocals.
The album closes with a wonderful combination of familiar gentle melody ascends eternal waltz among the heavenly courts, states that Death Rides Again. Over and over again!