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Black Knights will see the light in the darkness

February 05, 2017
Pentarium - Schwarzmaler

Unexpected motifs of Pentarium - Schwarzmaler brings powerfull strength and harsh severity to the lyrical romance of traveling bards.
Symphonic melody of fabulous Kronzeuge intro carries with own unique sound in irresistible processing for its magnificent motifs in various shades and pace.
Introducing with clear rhythmic blows btings stiffness and viscosity, Vanitas after the intro sweeps harshly and impulsively towards the doubts and negative expectations. But bridges and chorus turns music into thick viscous vortices.
Hard rhythmic step Detachment knocks resistance legs, despising haste power impenetrable armor - Seelenheil drags for its impregnable invincibility and tough melodical perseverance.
Auf schwarzen Schwingen continues the melodic ballad manner, its dense and insistent melodies sounding banner higher and higher then before!
Vortex guitar motifs Nimmermehr sweeps away doubts and resistances, entraining vocal phrases and exalted keyboards motifs for its dreamy impulse, still keeps romantic melody within the bridge and the chorus.
Entering with thoughtful calm motif, Totendammerung flies as unyielding wind and unforgettable swirl of melodies to the future achievements.
Macht durch Angst brings a fairy tale another portion hot and powerful tunes, despising impatient haste for combining the power of mighty fury with tenderness of keyboard motifs.
Mysterious keyboard motif Gevatter Tod attracts a swarm of guitar riffs to follow for its exciting arcade.
Tough sharp sounds unhurried in overwhelming all around with its powerful blows, Am Waldesrand in its unstoppable journey, accelerates sharply in fury from time to time.
Drachenstein combines alertness prudent travel to the influence of the sublime melodic motif, following alongside like the ghostly mist.
Tough jerky Weltenbrand steps overwhelms usual routine, forcing to follow for its progress. Then stubbornly fly as impetuous vortex tending to a mysterious haze.
The enchanting fairytale haze of divine motives the title track Schwarzmaler crownes the entire album with the crown of its melodies, combining them in the completion of the rays of the lyrics with the power of the hard armor of recalcitrant guards. And the story ends