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Fateful decisions sometimes hide their significance

February 14, 2020
Gorevent - Fate

Viscously, unhurriedly and painfully Confront surround the vast expanses with impenetrable gloom, marching in a stubborn march, scouring the essence of the beginning of the Gorevent - Fate album. Justice continues a leisurely, painful procession, however bringing to the forefront of the musical image the vocal part, giving even greater importance to the pulsating heartbeat of instrumental bridges and rhythmic notation of accompaniment.
The Keep It Tightening introduction accelerates the pace, creating an anticipation of a swift drive, but the introduction of vocals anticipates a return to the mid-tempo march, lifting to the top of the pulsating waves of severe musical sound crowning it vocal phrases. Once again, the Swell rhythmic procession continues the sound of the album, introducing the compacted essence of rhythm in the instrumental bridges and marking the rhythmic beats of vocal calls.
Exploding at first with the rampant whirlwind of rapid drive, then Energies again compacts and concentrates the sound, then combining these contrasting musical entities into an alternation of fragments. However, Round 13 returns to the mid-tempo march procession, twisted with musical passages from side to side from the axis of the main motive. The title track Fate completes the main part of the album, bringing the vocal part to the cutting edge of the musical narrative, artistically varying the style of its narrative and complementing the rhythmic structure of the musical essence with progressive artistry. But this release completes with the Day To Head (Bonus Track), which introduces a pulsating drive, preserving viscous viscosity, but condensing the rhythm of the part enveloping vocal phrases with a dense atmosphere of restrained power, sometimes accelerating the pace to a fast drive.