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Rage and anger sometimes gain ultimate power

February 14, 2020
Xenos (ITA) - Filthgrinder

Acoustic guitar solo Soldados carries you into brooding wanderings through hidden bins of the mind. But title track explodes in waves of a furious musical thriller, rolling anger and anger in the way of Xenos (ITA) - Filthgrinder album. Entwined with the swirling mystery of the introduction solo guitar Post Apocalypse Breed breaks the rhythmic structure in a progressive style, exploding with a stream of drive with the introduction of vocals, but then again returning to the progressive variations of the musical canvas.
Decorating musical lace with the participation of the legendary guitarist, Birth of a Tyrant (feat. Jeff "Mantas" Dunn) elevates the sound of the album beyond the wildest expectations, presenting an incredibly tasty musical dish. The incredibly hit So Old, so Cold main motive of the song involves the listener in an unbridled whirlwind of musical drive, maintaining high expectations of music.
The Iconoclast intro's guitar solo raises the banner of melodic triumph, anticipating the approach of vocal rage and ferocious drive. Squeezing the musical tempo to the mid-tempo procession of the gloomy march Angel of Silence at first gives the stage to the preacher, then accelerating the tempo somewhat, following the twilight haze along the verge of an average tempo and rapid drive.
Paying tribute to the legends of the musical style, the group presents its own interpretation of their work in the Peace Sells (Megadeth cover) composition, then completing the album with the bewitching Of Magma and War (feat. Si Cobb) track, in which a invited vocalist contributes a certain special charm and peculiar feature.