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Those who listen to these cries will not retell them

July 19, 2022
Valac (USA), 2022 -  Howls of Infinite Horror

The twilight mystery of the musical haze intrigues with the vague omens of the Act I intro, preparing for the perception of the musical essence of the Valac (USA) - Howls of Infinite Horror album with mysterious prophecies, after which the musical haze of the Shadow of the Blood Moon composition rolls in waves of dark solemnity, introducing notes of the majestic influence of dark charms and accelerating the pace of the musical step with the introduction of vocals, but then again and again returning to the restrained step of the dark march.
The pulsating heartbeat of the twilight musical essence envelops the harsh vocal announcements with notes of the impenetrable mystery of the Levitating on the Plane of Existence song, weaving from the music and vocals the fascinating atmosphere of twilight mysticism, complementing and embodying other forms of mystical omens in the stubborn whirlwind of the Gaze at Namtar basic musical pace, sometimes now singing with vocals phrases.
After intriguing preparations, the In the Name of Sickness musical thriller rises in swirls of frantic drive, sweeping away any obstacles on the chosen path. But the twilight mysticism of the Dead Savior Complex ritual chants confidently follows the path chosen by the main motif, complementing the step with vocals chants.
In the artistic and fascinating sound of the Confined to the Chains of Trauma composition, a fascinating lace of dark charms and meelodic and compositional variations is woven, foreshadowing the Act II mysterious completion of the album.