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Expressing your essence clearly

February 26, 2021
Wizard (DEU) - Metal in My Head

The muted memories of forgotten tales in a vocal monologue open the gates of the Wizard (DEU) - Metal in My Head album's musical extravaganza. Then, at the I Bring Light Into the Dark song's music, a harsh vocal ferocity enters, which is replaced by inspirational vocal tunes. The Metal Feast rolls out at first the musical canvas of a mid-tempo march, but then accelerates the musical race, crowned with inspirational vocal phrases.
The Metal in My Head title track at first drives in the harsh blows of the battle march, but after a furious scream, the musical flow of the epic saga accelerates. The Victory immediately flies into a swift whirlwind of musical drive, crowned with bright guitar solos. But then the vocal part cries out for a soft ballad, from time to time again accelerating the musical tempo. A vocal monologue with keyboard notes in the background tells the 30 Years of Metal gripping story, then surging up into a mid-tempo march with a valiant note of vocal unity.
The We Fight whirlwinds of musical passages wind the vocal reflections in a spiral of captivating musical motifs. Slowly rolling the musical canvas of a leisurely ballad, the Whirlewolf complements this with the symphonic background and melodic charm of a guitar solo. The thrust and pressure of the Years of War battle march combine rebellious vocal proclamations with the harsh sound of musical battle readiness.
Rising into a whirlwind of impetuous drive, the Firesword flies with the fierce fury of a musical thriller, anticipating the final epic ballad Destiny, that concludes the album with an inspired sound.