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Exploring the features of hell is safer in the shadows

February 25, 2021
Shadow Of Desolation - The Inferno

Beginning with the twilight mystery of a wistful symphony, the Shadow Of Desolation - The Inferno album's title track opens its musical narrative with an incredible musical diversity that unites many styles - then continues with a mesmerizing lace of guitar solos. Then the music and vocals accelerate the pace in a swift whirlwind of drive, weaving the vocal part and musical melody in a single musical stream. In all this diversity, epic echoes of ancient legends, progressive musical discoveries and a symphonic atmosphere are preserved, uniting musical contrasts in a single musical image.
A guitar solo with echoes of folklore motives sets the path for the development of the Rain track's main motive, soaring into the unity of metal drive and Celtic sagas. The Arisen song develops the motives of the previous composition after the sublime inspiration of the keyboard solo in the introduction, weaving a lace of inspiring drive on the basis of the proposed musical solutions. Weaving a musical lace based on a guitar solo, the Isle Of The Damned then crowns this musical extravaganza with vocal phrases. But in the final fragment, the musical composition is complemented by oriental motives and muted reflections of clean vocals, followed by a driving ending. The Ruins Of Alexandria leads these narratives towards ancient legends, supplementing the musical diversity with echoes of ancient motives. After a long instrumental introduction, fascinating with a progressive variability of stylistic musical solutions, the Below The Dead track enters with a vocal part, alternating screaming and growling with the appropriate musical accompaniment.
But the title composition of the album does not end with only the introductory track - first, the The Inferno Pt. I (Fading Away) sets a majestic symphony, after a detailed preparation it unfolds the banners of drive, which the next section The Inferno Pt. II (Empire) picks up, soaring into the unity of musical variations and vocal phrases. And the final point in the trilogy, which completes the incarnation of the title composition, is set by the The Inferno Pt. III (Mercy) bewitching unity of sparkling melody and vocal phrases.