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Experienced the unconscious only in exile

March 09, 2022
Glasslands -  Pariah

The thoughtful introduction begins the musical narration of the Glasslands - Pariah album with intriguing mystery, then it combines in the sounding of the Birth song a whirlwind of inspired drive with vocal emotionality and modern interpretation of ancient fairy tales. The Back and Forth composition pays more attention to the vocals lyrics, putting it in the foreground of the musical image, supplementing it with the artistic pulsation of the mid-tempo musical march. The vocal part comes forward on the crests of waves of sound of the Fame (feat. Ryan Kirby) song, supplemented and embellished by the participation of a guest artist in the charming romantic atmosphere of the musical fairy tale.
The musical mystery envelops the Deadman vocals meditations in a twilight haze with echoes of ghostly reverberations of forgotten legends, continuing similar stylistic directions in the sound of the Soul Without a Home composition, crowned with echoes of medieval fairy tales in mysterious keyboard variations, developing into an artistic romanticism of the sound of The Sounds epic tale.
Rolling over with waves of harsh mid-tempo drive in the intro, the Demons song creates the basis for doubtful vocal reflections of the verse, returning to the sound of the intro in the chorus, supplementing the musical drive with emotional rage of extreme vocals. The Meaningless composition charms and captivates with the artistic sound of the main motif supplemented by mysterious vocal phrases, combining in a single unhurried musical procession, then surging into an impatient whirlwind of unity of musical drive and vocal indignation. Insistent, unyielding and assertive, the Dark track rolls out waves of drive, retreating before romantic doubts of lyrical vocals and twilight musical passages, anticipating similar stylistic arrangements in the Go for Broke final composition of the album.