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This swarm means so bad sign

March 07, 2022
Brick By Brick - Hive Mentality

The title track begins the Brick By Brick - Hive Mentality album's musical narrative with a dense and militant drum roll, continuing the musical narrative with a roll of dense rhythmic drive with echoes of a battle march. The leader's speech begins the musical narrative of the Bad Sign track, then retreats before a shaft of stern guitar solo topped with angry emotionality of furious vocal outrage, marching in a tight procession with accelerating tempo in bridges and choruses. Harshly proclaiming the significance of the main motif, the Toe to Toe solemn anthem is a meaningful sound, raising the banners of valiant exploits and heroic victories to come.
Setting the harsh musical flow of the main motif, the Battleground song then crowns this militant and furious musical flow with vocal phrases, combining them into a collaborative creative solution. The intro guitar solo charms with melodic significance, anticipating the development of the musical essence of the Never to Wake violent musical thriller, embodying all the musical features of the genre, appreciated by fans of thrash metal, continuing the same sound in the Bar Is Open (feat.Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste) composition, condensing the tempo and increasing the importance of harsh vocal phrases.
Combining the fury of a musical thriller with the sparkling creativity and dense significance of a musical anthem, the In the Ruin (feat. Vincent Bennet of Acacia Strain) song captivates with its artistic unity of such diverse genre and stylistic elements. The intriguing sound of the intro rolls in waves of militant harshness, but then the Slave to the Grind (Skid Row cover) track brings in the atmosphere of a wild west saloon with stories of wandering cowboys boasting of their adventures and exploits, paying tribute to the famous band and anticipating the re-imagining of one of the most iconic song, Iron Fist (Motorhead cover), that left an indelible mark in shaping the musical genre and gave birth to many different stylistic branches.