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Existent in present will become ashes in future

January 25, 2018
Led To The Grave - Bane Of Existence

Severely, confidently and stubbornly As I Cut begins the Led To The Grave - Bane Of Existence album, rolling waves of restrained rage, combining different shades of harsh, growling and screamin in the vocal part.
The Web Of Corruption main motive immediately throws into the stream of turbulent drive, combining power and melody unite in a single musical stream.
Gloomy viscous musical whirlwinds impenetrable fog envelops the Death Toll sound with harsh power, confidently and aggressively promoting selected thoughts to goal known to them only.
Restraining himself in the Martyr introduction, the drive is carried away in a rapid unrestrained impulse - radiating rays of anger and fury. Crawling Blind continues the previous composition, vocal phrases drive the musical procession, in the breeches, clearly and confidently instructing instructions.
Marvelous melody and unrestrained musical power are turned into a bright and captivating image, creating an admirable picture of the Epic instrumental saga.
Stretching the musical canvas in the Better Off Dead introduction, is carried away in rapid jerks, repeating the viscous motifs in the bridges.
Like a swarm of insects Vultures carried away in a fast and energetic musical figure, introducing a violent speed and energy.
Significantly and wisely speaking in the vocal part Living Hell after the introduction and the initial vocal instructions in a frenzied musical assault.
The violent whirlwinds of the musical extravaganza envelops Nail In The Coffin with the harsh and energetic dance of unrestrained energy, circling in rapid jerks, which, however, does not raise the tempo of the composition.
So wonderful melodic instrumental saga Gravestones envelops in thoughtful romantic passages, anticipating the final album's track Come To Conquer that sounds as the rabies of a stern and stubborn drive untill the vocal's phrases.