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How many shades in this picture?

January 25, 2018
Lee Abraham - Colours

The title track immediately starts the Lee Abraham - Colours album with one wonderful song, in which bright instrumental passages twist around vocal phrases, inspiring to perceive everything around in bright colors with marvelous shades, receiving unforgettable impressions from the usual everyday affairs.
Marvelous wonderful dreamy images begin to create wonderful images of romantic visions, embodying dreams of cloud castles in a tender and inspiring Broken Dreams musical composition.
Always Yours continues the atmosphere of soft and tranquil romance, creating enveloping with marvelous and fascinating images creating such soft and enchanting musical intonations.
As if lulling everyone around, the soft and restrained ballad Find Another Way touchingly soothes with its charming tranquility, chanting soft, restrained emotions. In the instrumental part, the keyboard delights are sublimely enchanted with magical tranquility, creating the basis for a bright and spectacular guitar solo.
Presentations of future dangers, an alarming twilight envelops the Warning Sign musical image, covering restless thoughts, forebodings and doubts with dreary and restless keyboard passages.
Survive continues this gloomy atmosphere of apprehension of disasters, but turns it into a calm meditation of a brooding ballad.
A thoughtful, focused symphony The Mirror Falls completes the album, starting with a keyboard solo wraps around the charming tranquility of enchanting dreams