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Existence is so mysterious and unknown

March 23, 2021
Apostisy - The Paradox Of Existence

The Pegasus instrumental symphony rolls the musical cloth for the subsequent procession of the procession of the storytellers, continuing to the fascinating sound of the title composition of the Apostisy - The Paradox Of Existence album that intriguing the fascinating intro and the incidental sign of solemnity together with the entry of vocals. Pensive accession to acoustic guitar solo leisurely brings to the medium-free march of the main motive of the As The Light Dies composition combining the vocal parties in the dispute opposite the axis of the musical procession.
The newly muted melody of the musical charm anticipates the further development of the Becoming Nothingness musical extravagania, which wore vocal phrases with ribbons of melodic charm in the sound of a majestic fairy tale. The Dead Keep Us Here fascinates in the whirlwind of a hit musical stream, whirling inspired vocal junctions, combining screaming and growling, sparkling with a threads of bright musical passages. Continuing the epic musical fairy tale, the Aeons Of The Unseen song is rolling the waves of the medium-level solemn anthem, emphasizing the vocal phrases musical significance.
The Grave's We Dig music enchants with the epic atmosphere, fascinating in a wander through the expanses of ancient fairy tales, then roll over the bright canvas sparkling musical variations flying into the lace with the As Fire Fills The Sky bright musical fairy tale. The When Tomorrow Never Comes acoustic intro is supplied to the growling voice of the storyteller, then developing into the sound of the final composition of the album.