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Exiled sympathy

December 16, 2021
Halocene - Refraction

The vocal pressure and insistence of the singing lady breaks the wall with the sound of the Make Me Feel Good song, preventing the musical stream of the Halocene - Refraction album from reaching its fans. The Why So Sad track marches on with assertive and stubborn stubbornness with some echoes of balladry and romantic experiences.
The singing lady's romantic experiences and vague doubts envelop the hazy covers of the Ignite a Fire ballad, then the Savages song rolls in waves of twilight drive, enveloping the twilight of musical mystery.
Sadness, worry and reflection are embodied by the female vocals in the Sympathy song, then The Deafening track piles up with fury and insistence.
Vocal despair and detachment come to the forefront of the Exile song's sound, mesmerizing with reflections and mystical echoes of vague speculation. The Singularity composition closes the album with a charming vocal duet and futuristic musical variations.