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By killing it revives and rebirths us

December 16, 2021
Mercury Circle - Killing Moons

Epic proclamations and echoes of a battle chime complement the vocal sensuality of The Gates Wide Open track, which begins the Mercury Circle - Killing Moons album with valiant musical grandeur. The drive and echoes of northern fairy tales envelop the listener in sparkling blizzards, complemented by the vocal wistfulness of the Black Mirrors song. The vocal experience combines in enchanting unity with the symphonic sound of the You Open Up The Earth romantic ballad.
The Killing Moonstitle track draws you into the expanse of saddened despair, enveloping the vocal lament with the dusky covers of a mysterious musical symphony. After intriguing preparation, the Seven Archangels song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing its emotion with a pulsating musical heartbeat. The Call On The Dark composition envelops the vocal reflections with a shifting and artistic lace of musical pensiveness, raising the banner of musical significance and vocal emotionality in the chorus.
Music and vocals intertwine in a single charm and saddened romanticism of the Avalanche sound. The sparkling charm and romanticism of the sound enchants in the musical narrative of the An Arrow song. The dusky charm and futuristic celebration with guest musicians combine in the sound of the Like Matches (feat. Oceans of Slumber, Cammie Gilbert) composition. The Death Poem dark anthem concludes the album's musical narrative with a twilight march of symphonic grandeur.