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Exalted by night and blazing with darkness

November 23, 2021
Night Crowned - Hadanfard

After acoustic musings, the Nattkront track at times explodes with a frenetic drive with fierce vocals but elevates in the chorus, then elevates with knowing melodicism with clean male vocals, but again explodes with a whirl of drive, but then varies the sound again and again. The Rex Tenebrae track continues the musical story of the Night Crowned - Hadanfard album with a similar alternation of stylistic contrasts.
Soaring with a swift musical flight, the Fjattrad song is crowned by its inspired vocal screaming. The sound is then transformed by an inspired musical procession with touches of epic saga, which is fully embodied by the sound of the Ett Gravfast Ode composition.
The Hadanfard album's title track is a soft and mesmerizing acoustic guitar solo that serves as an introduction to the Gudars Skymning song, which builds a solemn march of musical tale based on the alternation of screaming and growling in the vocal part, crowning with melodic guitars passages in this mid-tempo march.
Preserving the stylistics of the epic saga, the Manniskans Forfall composition complements it with elements of restrained drive and creates a combination of symphonic atmosphere with this musical fury. The Gratt & Odelagt begins with the incarnation of symphonic grandeur, after a vocal narrative that swells with a frenetic unity of melody and musical thriller, continuing this unity in the Enslingen final song of the album.