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A somber dance that calls to darkness

November 22, 2021
Lord Vigo - Danse De Noir

The vocal narrative The Voight Kampff Situation enters with reflections and acts as an introduction to the Lord Vigo - Danse De Noir album's title track, complementing the main vocal with mysterious reflections and female vocals that add to the mystery of the sound.
The Are You Human? questioning accents of the singing lady with the organ symphony in the background again create an atmosphere of introduction for The Verge Of Time leisurely rhythmic march, crowning the unity of music and vocals with the charm of subdued keyboard passages.
The monologue of the male vocals acts as the Fiery The Angels Fell opening story to the sound of the Shoulder Of Orion song, rolling in waves of twilight mystery and complementing the main male vocals with the background singing of the musical companions. The guitar solo of the instrumental part speeds up the tempo and calls for the development of the musical drive, but with the return of the vocals the music returns to its former sound. But the appeal of the guitar solo does not go unnoticed, the sound of the And Then The Planets Will Align track significantly speeds up the tempo in the verse, somewhat tempering it with the reflection of the chorus.
The sound of the Between Despair And Ecstasy composition begins with a symphonic mystery, but then introduces the rhythmic shades of a battle march. The intro guitar solo brings a romantic mystery to the sound of the album, then sets the direction of the main motif of the As Silence Grows Old ballad. But then the music and vocals come together in a joint vortex of musical fury, transforming into echoes of a musical thriller. The Memento Mori song closes the album with the twilight procession of a funeral march.