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Your freedom is worth the most

November 24, 2021
Karl Kave - Deine Freiheit

Mysteriously and twilightly sounding in a mysterious haze of musical speculation, the Jean-Claude Van Damme composition opens the musical gateway of the Karl Kave - Deine Freiheit album with the memory of the famous actor. The Halt dich Fest song retains a mysterious haze of a certain gothic mystique, bringing the heartbeat of the keyboard mystery to the forefront of the musical image.
Some echoes of minstrel sagas and bardic tales inspires the musical atmosphere of the Geratewohl composition. The Heiserkeit und Heiterkeit song further adds to the atmosphere of bardic tales, creating with the soft chime of the acoustic guitar and the vocal sensuality of the appropriate musical style.
In an atmosphere of intriguing mystery, the Die Nacht track brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, continuing in the sound of the Du bist Feuer song the atmosphere of mysterious obscurity and ghostly mystery.
The inspirational and romantic sound of the Bald sind wir Smarter song develops the sound of the album in a romantic direction, giving a sensual romance typical of French and Italian songs. The Klosse bleiben Klosse instrumental track completes the album, giving this romanticism the echo of cosmic currents and a touch of melancholy.