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Everything has its own master

December 21, 2020
Lizard (POL) - Master & M

The Chapter I opens the cover of the Lizard (POL) - Master & M album's music book, beginning with brooding reflections on the fate of the world, then hardening the musical narration to a harsh mid-tempo march and then weaving music and vocals in the artistic lace of a majestic anthem.
The vocal monologue begins the sounding of the next Chapter II of this book, then the music returns to the style of the finale of the previous composition, alternating solemn sagas with sad pensiveness of mysterious romance.
Waves of harsh drive, shrouded in solemn melody, whip up the fighting severity of the Chapter III musical sound, but then musical variations and vocal playfulness transform the sound into an inspiring atmosphere.
The Chapter IV romantic ballad continues the sound of the album with romantic thoughts, complementing vocal and musical reflections with a pulsating rhythm that seems to strive to accelerate the musical tempo. The Chapter V sets the direction of the path of the final part of the musical book, starting with vocal reflections, then transforming into progressive artistry of musical variations.