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News often changes everything

December 21, 2020
Atomic Unit - Breaking News, Volume I

The Sky Blue And You starts the Atomic Unit - Breaking News, Volume I album's musical narrative, complementing the intriguing anticipation with the soft and mesmerizing chime of guitar strings. Complementing the intriguing expectations of musical action, the Brightening Star captivates the listener with an impressive sound of the main theme. The Escape Route retains a similar style, giving the leitmotif a touch of playful reverie. The Way You Said Goodbye enchants with the romance of a leisurely ballad.
Reflections and doubts of the Fog Cycle composition's music weaves a progressive lace of artistic musical variations. The Follow The River track captivates with the hopeful and bright sound of instrumental passages. The Arctic Lake Fishing gloomy veils of mystical echoes seem to be transferred to ancient times, enveloping in a mysterious haze in which invisible ghosts and other mystical entities are soaring.
Musical mystery creates vague presentiments, supplementing the Beside Yourself musical mystery with a premonition of future transformations. The inspirational sublimity of the Now For The Good News musical artistry lifts above the ordinary, creating a delightful charm of musical grandeur. The Aqua Explosions puts the final point in the album's sound with mysterious notes, as if creating a direction for future guesses.