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Everything consists of fragments, some of them are sometimes lost

October 18, 2017
Altjira - Anent Wist

The title track, the beginning album Altjira - Anent Wist , is just a short introduction, in which a muffled whisper complements the mystical buzz.
Actually, the musical artwork begins with the song I Will Not Bend, in which the vocals occupy a dominant position, the other instruments are twisting their parts around the vocal phrases. In the end, a guitar solo brings an element of fairy romance into this saga of heroic knights.
Bright melodious guitar riffs create some mysterious musical image, the vocals are washed up in the tonality, then descends and again flies. In these alternations of vocal changes, the entire composition Missing Generation passes.
The gloomy Fragments Of A Hologram Rose intro introduces the feeling of a gloomy ballad, but then the guitars sweep the furious storm of furious drive, but the vocal entering fetters the pace in their own words, in the party conveying a lot of emotions and feelings, at the end of the part the instruments again releases a furious pace. A furious, severe drive prevails in the chorus, the instrumental part demonstrates an unforgettable musical extravaganza.
The Chase The distant sea wind, the phrases of the sage wise with experience, the cries of the seagulls begin the 5th composition, then the music powerfully and severely creates an atmosphere of severe romanticism, especially filling chorus with it.
Mysterious composition Dracula (Iced Earth Cover) praises the legends, beginning as the mysterious muffled ballad, in the future the sound is quite in tune with the original composition, although the vocals are higher in tonality and express more feelings and emotions.
Soft and melodic instrumental tale Cymoril completes the album, gently and inspiringly creating a lyric atmosphere.