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Come here now! Without the slightest hesitation

October 19, 2017
The Mynabirds - Be Here Now

A thoughtful, unhurried title track begins the The Mynabirds - Be Here Now album, vocal phrases juggle with mood, high keyed passages create a charming atmosphere, intriguing with further impressions.
The bass guitar, dominating in the New Moon musical stream, gives rhythm and anxiety to an easy drive, but vocals and keyboards contradict the bright and dreamy musical decisions. The saxophone in the instrumental part complements the anxious mood of the bass guitar with its parts, but the returned vocals again give hope and courage.
Romantic ballad Golden Age creates memories, keyboards are represented by the organ parties, enveloping in the spirit of old mysteries and forgotten legends, the singing lady remembers brothers, sisters and most relatives, asking them and all the rest, where are the heroes? Where is the golden age?
Once again, the bass guitar competes for dominance with a solo guitar, but only for the Shouting At The Dark introduction - with the introduction of the vocal the outcome was a foregone conclusion, but the remaining instruments again attract attention to the completion of the verse, the guitar solo contrasts with the confident rhythm of the bass with complex and creative riffs.
Again, the bass dominates, but without going to the Cocoon ballad front edge, only strengthening the sound on the background. Vocals calm in a muffled whisper about the fate of two, the relationship and all sorts of romantic nuances.
After the thoughtful and dreamy ballads, the Witch Wolf music draws into the gloomy fog, creating an alarming and gloomy atmosphere, pulsing with a dark and frightening drive. The vocals show concern, from time to time enduring their phrases over entire musical image.
A memorable, unforgettable motive pervades the whole Ashes In The Rain, listening at ease and captivating with its sound.
Soft sensual ballad Hold On brings a bit of blues and soul, enchanting the atmosphere of home charm, recalling the unique properties of native places.
Memories of the native country are replacing with the diverse composition Wild Hearts in which the ballad and drive are woven together, inspiring to diversify everything around.