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Your will ?! You've unwilling now and ever

October 17, 2017
Tanakh (USA, Sioux Falls) - Unwilling

The eerie, but charming atmosphere, combining several musical styles envelops the album Tanakh (USA, Sioux Falls) - Unwilling with incredible sensations, attracting more and more new impressions, capturing attention and shackling the mind with enchanting dreams .
The main motive SundoggodnuS irresistibly fetters musical ideas, vocals combine their shades. After a long and stubborn implantation of their ideas, some thoughts, reflections and assessments are followed by pure vocals. After that, the main motive is enveloped only by distorted words and phrases, not allowing to change its ways.
Persistent and persevering musical canvas Nocturnus Infernus rolls an insurmountable shaft of power and fury, then on the front edge of the sound comes a thick and rough growling. But this does not at all conceal the rolling waves of musical darkness, the vocals complement the creaky notes of screaming. Then the screaming enters the front edge of the musical image, the music quickly takes off in a quick snatch. But the growling again returns its role. The instrumental part brings a mysterious twilight mist, from which an elusive whisper breaks through. But a furious drive led by screecoming, supplemented by howls of growling finishes the composition.
Vocal from the first seconds dominates the sound of Macrocosm, complementing the cosmic motifs that came from distant stars at times deepest growl, sometimes volatile scratching screaming. But space does not shrink, on the contrary, music flies through the irresistible atmosphere of an endless universe.
The title track Unwilling crowns the album, beginning with a muffled whisper, preempting the mystical ritual, an atmosphere of uncertain doubt enveloping in fear and entreaty. Then the screaming of the vocals goes to the dominant position, sweeping the impetuous drive, culminating in the cosmic mystery and growling confession. But again, screaming in the vocals takes a dominant role, adding notes of black to the musical image of the composition, despite the newly emerged phrases of the growling vocals.