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Each generation leaves much different legacy

August 24, 2018
Warbreed - Legacy

The noise of the crowd, the bleating of cattle and the clatter of horsehoes create an atmosphere of the Khan (feat. Juan Orcajada) intro, but then the violent whirl of furious drive raises the music into a bright rush, raising the vocal part on the swift wings of the black dragon far away, priepev appears a fairy tale retelling, anticipating the flow of the next couplet drive. Vocal in the Warbreed - Legacy album's first composition appears as the dominant scream-growl, with additions of deep and viscous growling.
A dense and meaningful marching Traitors Branded As Saviours intro march prepares the way for a swift musical flow that takes away the vocals in the impetuous drive of the verse. But in the bridge the vocal deepens into a muffled harsh, but then bright instrumental passages summons the next verse. In the chorus, the vocals focuses in a dense growling, confidently and unhurriedly narrating the ancient prophecies.
Mysterious coverlets of the London Blitz (feat. Juan Orcajada) intro develop into rapid driving passages, raising vocal phrases with a certain epic character and summing up the instrumental moves at the end of the composition parts. In bridges and choruses the vocals alternates screaming and growling in a duet. The instrumental part, especially the guitar solo, is delicious and very impressive - but not only do they inspire you to listen to this song again and again.
Music is pushy and stubbornly pushing the wave of drive, the vocals complement the From Beta to Alpha State musical pressure with their phrases, completing the waves of musical power in the shade of their party, combining screaming and growling, complementing them with different parts of the composition. The chorus throws swiftness and tightens the viscous bonds, continuing the brief instrumental part and ending with another stream of pushy drive. But intro and chorus style returns in the outro.
The title track Legacy appears as an instrumental saga, developing such admired instrumental passages, but here they are presented in a more diverse way, combining a militant drive with romantic incredibly melodic breaks.
Continuing the fabulous motifs for the introduction, the vocal part appears as spells of the evil sorcerer, conjuring up his sinister spells. The refrain focuses on the melody, preserving the power and dark atmosphere of the black mysticism of The Mirror composition.
Shadowy passages weave into a mysterious cocoon, suggesting to hide unknown discoveries, the vocal transforms music into a fairy-tale saga, opening up the hidden musical charms. Then alternating stylistics vocal parts continue the legend. In bridges and choruses epic and melodic come to the fore, preserving the fabulous style of the White Death composition. In instrumental bridges the composition is supplemented by a certain black metal influences.
The rhythmic march pulsates with majestic motifs escorting the heroes to battle, but the Lies Feed vocals completes the proud introduction with jerks and impulses that end with a charming melodic bridge that precedes the next verse. In the chorus fabulous stories weave mystery and anxious expectations of obscure dark charms.
The album, full of epic and fairy charm ends with a reference to incredible legends, Atlantis music is very worthy and appropriately recreates the atmosphere of incredible tales and incredible legends - there is no point in talking a lot about it, have o be listened!