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Everything becomes different at night

December 25, 2020
Dawnbreaker - Vanquished Horrible Night

The Summoned by Christ's Vicar clatter of hooves, the neigh of a horse and an intriguing musical symphony begins the musical narration of the concept Dawnbreaker - Vanquished Horrible Night album. In the sound of the Evil's Bane composition, these motifs develop in the solemnity of twilight guesses, combining musical variations in a mysterious obscurity with vocals guessworks. The Virtuous Quest rises up as musical covers of a gloomy symphony, exploding in whirlwinds of drive with vocal anger.
The vocal part brings its narration to the forefront of the musical image of the Evil's Bane song, combined with the solemn cover of the chorus and the acceleration of the tempo of the verses and bridges. The Torment of Anti-Christian Souls harsh cruelty of musical passages creates an atmosphere of gloomy evil. The keyboard inspiration of the enchanting symphony is combined with the Plague Hunters dance of musical variations in a gloomy unity. This instrumental composition fully develops into the sound of the Yours Is the Night song, supplementing the musical darkness with vocal doubts and weaving them into a single musical stream.
A captivating core motif in the tradition of symphonic black metal creates the charm of the A Martyr's Glory musical sound. The vocal accentuates its significance in the cover of the Lady of the Snows musical symphony. The Outer Darkness completes the album's musical narration, creating and supplementing it with a mysterious obscurity.