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Everyone has its understanding and perception of ordinary

August 19, 2021
Steve Hughes - Holding Onto Normal

The High - Part One composition enchants an artistic instrumental extravaganza, supplemented by background musical sacraments. Then in the sound of the Mine Is The Silence Feat. Katja Piel (Single) song on the foreground there is a vocal party, complementing the main vocals in hand with a singing lady, expanding the stylistic framework of the Steve Hughes - Holding Onto Normal album. tHE tRAP music envelops vocals doubts with fascinating veils of the twilight mystery.
The High - Part Two dancing composition acts as entry to the next chapter of the album, inspired by the dreams with inspired dreams. The keyboard symphony begins the sound of the You Waited By The Window song with some sorts of chanson and the lounge, then combined with intricate vocal reflections. The saxophone complements the jazz atmosphere. The Now That We've Had Our Time romantic ballad complements the vocal duo with soft artistry keyboards musical variations.
The High - Part Three first track begins the final chaprer of the album, a vectious musical heartbeat with thoughtful keyboard reflections and a dreamy guitar solo. The song begins distorted vocal reflections, then continuing by a vocal monologue, again and again focusing the I Just Wanna Live Forever name. Then vocal reflections are retreating under the pressure of the guitar solo, then combining music and vocals in a single musical stream. The Clever Touch instrumental track completes the album to progressive lace music variations.