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Calling for silence everywhere

August 13, 2021
Sparrows, 2016 -  Let The Silence Stay Where It Was

The Three Four Two Five, Three Four Two Five is marching musical passages, along the way of the specified vocal party, combining thoughtful reflections of clean vocals and emotional harsh vocals bursts. The Written Rules Of Choking continues the musical narrative of the Sparrows - Let The Silence Stay Where It Was album in a similar style, but gives in the instrumental fragments of notes of fierce and drive. Romantic vocal reflections are put forward on the forefront of the Carrying On With A Modern Lifespan musical image of romantic ballad.
Guitar solo of the Cave Eater intro rolls the musical canvas of the leitmotif, softening the sensuality of vocal phrases. The entry is injected by the feeling of the pulsating drive, but the If We Make It Over The Mountain vocals gives the sound with emotionality, combining with musical sound in a single stream of bridges and chorus. The rhythm section acquires the dominant position in the sound of the Teething song, crowned with the sensuality of vocal emotionality. The keyboard solo fascinates with thoughtful romanticism, then complementing the Waking The Red Sky Season romantic atmosphere of thoughtful vocal sensuality ballad.
The intro's guitar solo sets in a combination with keypads intertwined as a symphonic atmosphere, rewarding a romantic mood of the Tinnitus instrumental track. Starting with the bass guitars solo, the Our Saviour Left Us For Dead complements the musical romanticism of vocal emotionality. The Fire In The House Of The Lord completes the album, complementing the melodicism with a shades of confusion and notes of the drive.