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Every wizard has his own flower

August 30, 2019
Wizard Rose - Wizard Rose

Developing and accentuating the sound of the main motive, Black Knight begins the Wizard Rose - Wizard Rose album with restrained fury and a touch of rebellion.
The vocals come to the forefront of the musical image, although instrumental bridges of the Forbidden Thing composition captivates with bewitching melody.
The acoustic guitar carries you into the realm of romantic dreams, bringing by the sound of the Tea Amongst Friends song to the album some country style influences. Left Of Heaven continues this style, enveloping the listener with the spicy atmosphere of the wild west.
Fiercely sounding and giving the music some trends of drive Save The Queen remains within the middle tempo, enveloping the vocal phrases of the phrase with powerful covers of the musical essence.
The pulsating heartbeat of The Shepherd main motive sternly and persistently walks along the chosen path, meaningfully and confidently rolling in waves of significance.
Facilitating the soul and rejecting drive, Song For The Promise Land returns to the expanses of the acoustic romance, gently and gently enveloping the vocal part with its guitar fingering sound. The title track of the same name completes the Wizard Rose album with the inspiration of the ageless rock 'n'roll, inspiring to listen to the album again and again.