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Even darkness radiates its light

August 30, 2019
Wolfheart (FIN, Lahti) - Constellation Of The Black Light

The instrumental inspiration of the introduction of the Everlasting Fall song is mesmerizing and intriguing, then the vocals complement the mesmerizing symphony with a severe growling, calling for some addition to the bewitching melody with a furious drive. Breakwater continues the Wolfheart (FIN, Lahti) - Constellation Of The Black Light album in waves of furious drive, enveloping swift instrumental passages and harsh vocal phrases with trends of melodic and symphonic music. In bridges and choruses, vocal growling is complemented by phrases of dreamy clean vocals.
Pensive and dreamy enchanting saga of The Saw composition is mesmerizing with sparkling lace of the main motive, captivating the sparkling expanses of an inspired ballad.
A harsh and persistent Forge With Fire introduction anticipates the further development of musical composition, captivating the limits of military prowess and charming with the spell of majestic heroism.
Preserving the greatness and valor, the Defender song continues to honor unforgettable heroes, singing the greatness of ancient legends and their exploits.
Sweeping the enemies to the sides Warfare flies away in a rapid whirlwind of drive, preserving a bewitching melody. But in the chorus of the composition, it returns to an average pace, returning to a painful drive in the next verse. Valkyrie concludes the album with the inspiration of the magnificent saga, paying tribute to the ancient legends and the unforgettable charm of northern tales.