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Unexplored prophecies and mysterious legends

August 29, 2019
 Magoth - Zeitgeist : Dystopia

A pensive and gloomy Rise guitar solo intrigues with twilight instrumental passages, starting the Magoth - Zeitgeist : Dystopia album in an atmosphere of gloomy intrigue. Then Once Ylem Began rolls the dark waves of a terrible drive, dragging into the mystery of darkness and alarming forebodings.
The gloomy whirlwinds of the main motive envelop vocal phrases with ghostly darkness, complementing the Sinister Forces Arose composition with the magnificent melody of instrumental bridges and the chorus. Above The Sacred Lands is full of rapid drive, but then a pulsating heartbeat anticipates a return to unbridled swiftness, anticipating the fierce vocals screaming.
A thoughtful fog of Zenith instrumental thoughts acts as the introduction of Beneath All Venom And Void compositions that develops the gloomy thoughts of a dark anthem, full of anxieties and doubts, shrouded in gloomy melodies and blurred forebodings. Beginning with a soft melodic instrumental introduction, which remains the mysterious background of further composition The Fates Of Resurrection, then it is transformed many times, intertwining the flows of drive and the twilight lace of mysterious thoughts. Summoning The Apocalypse flies away on the wings of a black dragon, carried away by a rapid stream of drive, wrapped in the covers of an enchanting melody, sparkling lace embodying the enchanting magic of dark revelations.
Again, obscure fog of Decay serves as the introduction to the charming melody of the When Tyrants Shall Fall mid-tempo composition, enveloping the vocal part with bewitching vortices of musical charm. The mesmerizing romantic influences of the Solidified Ashes Awake introduction continue with a march of gloomy procession, shrouded in the obscure twilight. Then the stern passages develop the sound, preserving the melody and complementing the sound with furious vocal phrases.
The mesmerizing sound of the dark symphony of The Nemesis Of A Blaze main motive envelops vocal phrases with black charm, preceding the completion of the album with the enchanting sound of a dark anthem, completing the musical arwork with muffled echoes of Infinity.