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Every faith surrounds itself with new icons

December 05, 2022
Interbeing - Icon of the Hopeless

Twilight Revive mystery with vague vocal exclamations, reaching through a haze of ghostly echoes is the introduction of the Perplexion song, raising banners of angry indignation with vocals phrases, alternating and combining musical styles and vocal colors, diversifying and creating an intriguing mystery to the further musical development of the Interbeing - Icon of the Hopeless album, continuing with the pulsating leap of the Black Halo composition, combining rhythmic marching drive and mysterious echoes of the artistic the musical and vocal essence of obscure distant charms.
Accentuating the rhythmicity and assertiveness of the sound, the Lies of Descent song then drives a rhythmic step, crowned with the anger of the vocals phrases of other vocal melodies in the chorus, retreating before the romantic mystery of the chorus, developing the mystery of sound in the fascinating mystery of the mystery of the Synthetic Bloodline musical tale, enchanting and fascinating with the ascent of musical variations to the chosen goal, but realizing their aspirations in the musical atmosphere of the Lifeless Decoy composition full of sadness and despair.
After the rumblings of the stern indignation of the introduction, the Ruin song brings to the forefront of the musical image the vocal part, alternating the furious indignation of the harsh vocals in the verse and the inspired despair of the pure vocals in the chorus, shaded by the harsh vocals. The music is enveloped in an atmosphere of gloomy expectations, complemented by a persistent and harsh vocals narrative, united in the hopeful unity of the Depressor chorus, foreshadowing a majestic and significant Eternal Eclipse march, persistently and persistently marching along the chosen path, ending with a brief instrumental chord of the title track of the Icon of the Hopeless album.