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These lines separate paths and directions

December 04, 2022
Threshold - Dividing Lines

With a harsh drive with futuristic impulses of coming disasters and catastrophes in the introduction and instrumental bridges, the Haunted composition begins the musical story of the Threshold - Dividing Lines album, bringing whirlwinds of inspiration and hope with vocal ascensions and enchanting with a mesmerizing guitar solo after vocal reflections on the eve of the final ascension, further enchanting with sparkling mystery and progressive breakage of rhythm in the sound of the Hall Of Echoes artistic musical fairy tale, complemented by emotional charm lyrical vocal part, complementing the pulsating drive of the Let It Burn composition, in which the mysterious vocal story appears shrouded in mysterious veils of forgotten fairy tales.
The announcement of the Silenced title of the song begins an intriguing musical creation, entwined with swirls of twilight mysterious passages, anticipating the fascinating unity of progressive musical artistry and the hit sound of the The Domino Effect main motif. The Complex composition again returns to technogenic futurism and assertive drive in its musical searches and decisions, raising hitness in the musical embodiment of the chorus.
After preparing the perception in the introduction, the vocal part confidently and meaningfully moves to the forefront of the King Of Nothing musical story, retreating before uniting the futuristic musical impulses and motifs of medieval minstrel ballads in the Lost Along The Way epic saga. Powerfully, assertively and meaningfully driving a rhythmic step in the introduction, the Run ballad then rolls out the musical canvas for the vocal procession, enveloping it then with covers of melodic musical grandeur, preparing in the perception of the Defence Condition final composition of the album, which appears to be its most prolonged musical fragment.