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Dimensions of new silence

December 06, 2022
Joint Depression - Projection

A pulsating mid-tempo drive pumps up the changeable waves of musical passages of the Deaf Blade composition, which are then crowned in progressive artistry by the gentle vocals of a singing lady, who then continues the musical story of the Joint Depression - Projection album with the romantic charm of the romantic fairy tale of the When mysterious ballad, enveloping vocals phrases with covers of ghostly obscurity and twilight charm.
The assertive sound of the Homecoming battle march marches with a confident and unruly march, complemented by the gentle inspiration of female vocals, followed by a soft acoustic chime of guitar strings intertwined with the melodies of the lady bard in the musical lace of the Passenger of Light minstrel ballad, bringing to the album the charm of epic medieval sagas.
The rhythmic procession of the pulsating Deep Red musical march with the progressive brokenness of the rhythm complements the emotional vocals reflections, decorated with the mystery and artistry of the instrumental variations, receding before the harsh and persistent pressure of the indomitable musical drive and vocal rebelliousness of the New Silence composition.
Music and vocals are intertwined in the intriguing charm of a mysterious dance, giving shades of oriental motifs to the sound of the enchanting Third Day musical tale, followed by the majestic charm of the Protection epic saga, which acts as a thoughtful vocal narrative, ending with meaningful and confident musical passages. The acoustic charm of the Dimensions bard ballad concludes the album with a soothing and reassuring tenderness.