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Epoch strung like leaves on the axis of the spiral of time

October 07, 2018
Central Power - The Chronicles Of Time

Steps, a knock on the door, the creaking of the opening gates - an obscure phrase precedes the development of a magnificent Ab Initio symphony calling for the development of the Central Power - The Chronicles Of Time concept album by the gloomy mystery of a mysterious melody ending with changeable vocal speculation.
Cryptic mysterious Bone Crypt catacombs are clothed in obscure images, wrapping around anxious vocal phrases with harsh musical strangles, entwined with ribbons of sparkling keyboard frills. Organ syhigh-speedmphonies in an abandoned cathedral precede the main part of the Ghost Mason composition, sternly and eerily rolling under the cover of ghostly keyboard motifs.
Ingratiatingly entering, winding mysterious omens with keyboard notes and background chorals Father William Gill then hovers in the dance of the main motive, surrounded by a mysterious mystical musical background. Leading in unhurriedly, the Cities of the Plain main motive recreates its image and unhurriedly stalks the anthem in the even pace of the pulsating march.
The story of the legendary Maid of Orleans begins with a majestic omen, then is carried away on the waves of a rolling drive, which leaves no obstacle on its path.
The narrator begins the Empire of the Sun story with the tales of long-standing legends, then the bard continues this tale, driving the musical waves following his narrative, like a pack of obedient followers.
The main motif intertwines with rhythmic waves and weaves The Mark vocal part, complemented by keyboard edging. Exciting guitar breaks are woven into The Trail intro, the rhythmic component smooths out the sound a bit, then the previous composition seems to continue as a softer version. A militant introduction foreshadows a furious drive, but with the introduction of vocals, the Blackthorn composition takes on a certain dimension and turns into a narration of heroic tales and as retelling of exciting legends.
The album ends with Ode to a Master song that appears as a separate work — it combines both quantitative hymns, and militant melodies and passages of the wise narrations of highly experienced wandering bards, on whose songs the structure of this saga is built.