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March 08, 2019
Algorithm - Compiler Optimization Techniques

Beginning with a futuristic chime of electronic impulses, the Cluster intertwines in its sound an incredible amount of genres and styles - then being carried away in the impetuous drive wave, then enveloping the haze of a bewitching romance, then turning over the beads of a broken progressive prayer. It should be noted that the Algorithm - Compiler Optimization Techniques album begins as if in a separate artwork.
Starting with reflections, shrouded in intriguing mysteries of ancient legends, then Fragmentation is transformed into a charming narration, as if epic stories of ancient bards and modern folk groups and epic rockers rebelled in the far future.
The rotations of cosmic waves envelop anxious sensations, then weaving sparkling ghosts of impending dangers. Then, preserving the spark of cosmic delusions, the Superscalar sound becomes hardened and toughed, giving the album a stream of harsh drive.
The rapid waves of violent drive cry for the harshness of the Binary Space sound, but harsh calls end in thought. But anger and hatred erupt through the veil of unbridled merriment, weaving the fury of black knights and futuristic electronic impulses together.
Against the background of pulsing electronic impulses, the ghosts of the ancient knights come out of non-existence, stomping on the path of battle against evil and monsters, in praise of kings, queens and tribal valor. A similar interweaving of genres and ages of the Sentinel Node composition completes the album.