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Enlightened by the shadows of time

January 20, 2023
Sands of Eternity - Beyond the Realms of Time

The drum roll begins the musical story of the Still Awake battle march, turning over the first pages of the Sands of Eternity - Beyond the Realms of Time album's music book, raising the importance of the vocal lyrics in the chorus, anticipating the symphonic charm of the Enlightened (Mighty Warrior) composition, weaving an artistic lace of restrained drive and melodic charm around the vocal lyrics, giving great importance to the musical drive in The Hitman song's sound, while maintaining the melodic charm and lyricism of the vocal part.
The musical passages of the introduction accentuate and embody the sound of the Faded main motive, then crowning the crests of musical waves with vocal phrases in anticipation of valiant musical variations with notes of romantic experiences in the melodic charm of the Red Flag epic saga and the Desire inspirational ballad, captivating unity of vocals reflections and mesmerizing musical charm.
Music and vocals intertwine in a single musical whirlwind of the Shadows of Light song, wrapping musical threads around the vocal phrases, preceding the twilight mystery of the musical mystery of A Different Way musical fairy tale with a progressive complication of the rhythmic structure and symphonic charm of the So Far Away (A Soldier's Cry) musical suite, enveloping the charm of musical artistry, continuing and developing this musical grandeur in sound of the Beyond the Limits album's last song , which puts the last point in this musical fairy tale.