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Ritual designed for total devastation

January 19, 2023
Hate Supremacy - Under The Reign Of Armageddon

The Total Devastation intro of the Hate Supremacy - Under The Reign Of Armageddon album starts its musical story with unsettling forebodings, whirlwind of impetuous anxiety in the sound of The Keys To Apocalypse composition, in which a deep vocal growl gives shades of additional gloom. Entering with a long drum roll, the Baptism In Blood spiritual psalm combines musical impatience staccato with meaningful vocals focus, foreshadowing the blend of progressive musical artistry with musical thriller frenzy in the Atomic Warfare composition's sound.
But ritual chants turn to the dark side of power and call for destruction, performing the Ritual For Destruction, which is the prerequisite and basis for the Ritual For Rebirth, marching along the musical path of the solemn march.
The Under The Reign Of Armageddon album's title track begins with a mysterious guitar solo, then assertively and powerfully paving the way for further musical march with rhythmic and powerful passages, then rising in a twilight whirlwind of musical mysteries around the measured Terrorealm vocals story. The progressive brokenness of the rhythms and musical passages gives The Last Judgment song a touch of symphonic influence and a charm of musical originality that precedes the dark solemnity of the Mother Chaos final composition of the album.