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Sinners and saints that is hiden within

January 22, 2023
Remedy (SWE) - Something That Your Eyes Won't See

Assertive, persistent and rhythmic, the Living On The Edge song comes out in the Remedy (SWE) - Something That Your Eyes Won't See album intro, lifting and accentuating its name in the chorus over and over again, then weaving the I Wanna Have It All main motive from the intro guitar solo and taking vocal reflections with exciting musical whirlwinds, then pushing the vocal phrases to the fore enchanting melody of the Marilyn composition, intriguing vocal phrases of the verse and captivating with the artistic unity of music and vocals in the chorus.
The rhythmic tread of the Scream In Silence march drives its steps into the chosen path with music and vocals, giving vocal phrases an intriguing mystery, anticipating. the sublime symphony of the Sundays At Nine romantic ballad with the symphonic charm of the musical veils and the explosion of freedom-loving drive and the true rock'n'roll spirit in the sound of the Stranger composition.
The intriguing mystery of the musical sound creates a very successful background for the inspired narration of the Thunder In The Dark vocals tale, retreating with musical drive for the spiritual chorales of the My Devil Within intro, then pushing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image and again returning to the twilight mystery of forgotten fairy tales in the development of the Sinners And Saints composition, then rolling in with stubborn waves of powerful drive with melodic sparks and thoughtful charm of the Lifeline ballad, which ends the album with soothing thoughts and unhurried memories.