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Endless sorrow devours to madness

March 06, 2020
Oakmord - We Were Always Alone

So soft, melodic I pray to unforgiving skies introduction mesmerizes with bewitching melody, slowly walking in the atmosphere of twilight mystery, opening the gates of the Oakmord - We Were Always Alone album with thoughtful romanticism. The vocal brings an explosion of violent emotions, caught in a whirlwind of musical sadness.
The vocal immediately enters the Dilution of pain veil of darkness, twisting ghostly variations of vocal stylistics with twilight ghosts, weaving screaming and growling together in a gloomy duet, complementing it with clear vocals speaches.
By unwinding the flywheels of musical mystery, the Deliverance main motive builds the mansions of the majestic anthem, complementing it with the significance of the vocal part entwined with the banners of the musical triumph of melodism and grandeur.
The barely audible noise of a bonfire and the winds of distant winds begin the final composition with echoes of forgotten wanderings, then the main motive of the saddened My eyes reflect only my death bard saga rolls with shades of forgotten fairy tales and gloomy portents.