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Eerie rituals and dark prophecies

May 19, 2021
Vomit Ritual, 2021 -  Callous

The gloomy sacrament of the Strangling Opposing Throats intro crepts before the head of a frantic musical drive, combined with varying and alternating screming and grounding in the vocal party of the Asphyxiated song. In the instrumental bridge, the gloomy guitar passes return again, a little pacifying the fury of music and vocals, but then continuing the rapid whirlwind of musical rage guitar solo. Such unity of contrasts into the sound reveals the true musical essence of the Vomit Ritual - Callous album.
And again, dawn mystery and voices of invisible perfumes with muted phrases of unknown adepts are the Paracusia Nexus entry into the development of the Lower Vibrational Entities musical composition, which reducing the twilight rapidness of an unrestrained drive, complemented by mysterious extensions of mystical prophecies and a spell of the invisible fairies and other creations of magical summonings. But after the random and doubt, the outstanding bridge is raised by the rapidness of the deadly dance, then combined in a single musical stream with vocal rage and alternating such fragments with faded reflections.
After the twilight mystery of the Penetrating The Infectious Wound intro, the vocals is transformed into demonic screaming, flying on the wings of the musical dragon to thoughtful reflections of harsh growling vocals. Having enthralling into the unrestrained dance of the main motive, the Sadolustic Crucifixions envelops the sound of guitar riffs the mysterious prophecies of vocal phrases, then rushing them with unity in the unrestrained race of a frantic drive.
The final track of the album appears to separate musical artwork, combining the charm of the twilight symphony of dark ancient fairy tales, variations of demonic ephesis of gloomy sags and whims of a frantic drive, so diverse and impressive musical images of the Nervous Temple composition.