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Everything has a price

May 19, 2021
Joe Bailey - A Price To Pay

Symphonic musical covers envelop majestic choralas, anticipating the development of the Immaculate Inception thoughtful musical fairy tale, in which vocals tells in a leisurely procession of a melodic charm. Musical variations are marked with an epic march, but then progressive musical variations predict the entry of vocals in incredible complication of the musical structure, but then the vocals return the melodious charm of the sound by the continuing Joe Bailey - A Price To Pay album by the Consumed composition.
The twilight trivial of the symphonic charm precedes the entry of vocals by majestic music passages, then shuffling the Birthmark vocals sensuality with bright ribbons of symphonic artistry. Since the twilight haze of long-standing memories, the Salute, Smile, Say Goodbye composition enaches novel memories of old feelings and experiences. The Tearing Down These Walls composition continues romantic etudes, enchanting artistic guitar solo instrumental bridges.
Musical sound of the 10.18 instrumental track enchants with the unity of progressive variability and melodic charm. The Illusionist composition fascinates with a thoughtful ballad, in which magic vocal reflections complements the chime of guitar strings. But then the music complements the symphony of the trends and progressive variations of melodic transformations. The Dim The Lights suite completes the album embodied symphony essences, leisurely and significantly combining them in a musical diversity of thoughtful sound.